mi espacio de trabajomi espacio de trabajo

I transform concepts and ideas into images through geometry, typography and color.

My approach to design is creating high quality work made with heart to endure. I'm focused on art direction, branding, illustration and editorial design. I believe on the uniqueness of each new project. For that reason I listen carefully to your needs in order to provide you the best solution.  


Art direction, branding, user interface, illustraton, icons design.


Behance, Domestika, Good Idea 4, Icon Store, Icon Utopia, Epicpxls.


07/2016 – Today   Freelance graphic designer & Flaticon collaborator.

05/2015 – ​07/2016   UX/UI for KeC.

03/2014 – ​10/2014   Trainee for underbau.


Now that you know a little about me.
Let's talk about you.

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